10 Things Every Woman Should Have by DVF & My Picks #fashion #musthaveitems

These are 10 things Diane von Furstenburg say every women should have on deck. Below are my picks using DVF's 10 Must Have list.

1. Bag | 2. A Favorite Pair of Jeans | 3. Wrap Dress | 4. Hiking Boots | 5. Camera | 6. A Great Print | 7. Color | 8. Bracelet | 9. A Good Nights Sleep | 10. Face Serum

I love this list, it has some great essential items. This is my interpretation of DVF's 10 Must Haves. I enjoyed shopping for things I wish I could buy.

P.S. I chose the iPhone for the camera because for me it easier to take with me everyday, since I must have a phone and I also want a camera on me at all times (I have two kids)!!

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