Halloween Painting with Jay & Jayla!!! #Halloween #SAHM

One of the many great things about being a SAHM is being able to have fun with the kids when holidays come around, like Halloween. They're both at home with me all day, and sometimes I run out of new activities to try, so Halloween brings something new for us every year. I think it would be a little weird if I had them painting ghost in the summer!!! LOL 
This year we painted pumpkins and zombie masks! Yes, I know "zombie" but they're not scary at all, and it was the kids idea!! Since Jay is scared of bats (I'm not sure why) and Jayla is scared of spiders (I totally understand), the only Halloween decorations we have around the house are pumpkins and the zombies masks!! 
  I made the outline for the pumpkin and had them paint inside the lines, I think they did great!!
 This is Jay's (soon to be 5 yr old)  pumpkin!
This one is Jayla's (2 yr old)!

 And these are our not so scary "Zombies" Indian Girl Zombie and Frankenstein!

We ended off our painting with free painting, I let them paint whatever they wanted. Jay was really feeling himself here, "Picasso Baby".
I hope you enjoyed our little adventure!!! Happy Thursday!!!
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