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"Welcome to the New Age" said by the Imagine Dragons in their hit song: Radioactive, this would be a great introduction for this new startup named: JuicyCanvas. JuicyCanvas a vision brought to you by a Husband/Wife/Baby trio from New York/Buenos Aires. It is the first art and fashion marketplace that allows you to customize trending art and have it printed on your favorite ways to view art. JuicyCanvas has rolled out their first customized product: Stretched Canvases and is now looking to extend printing onto apparel, including baby onesies, t-shirts and hoodies. In comes IndieGogo, a crowdfunding platform helping JuicyCanvas raise funds to add more customizable products to the JuicyCanvas family. 

Checkout the video:

How JuicyCanvas works:
1. Choose from a global catalogue of over 200 artist and designers
2. Customize it to fit your color, shape, style or positional needs
3. Have it delivered to you

You can give it a test run here.

Find out more about the vision and it's visionaries here!

 You can also find JuicyCanvas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Photo Credit: JuicyCanvas

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