31 Days of Blogging Challenge: December 13th

December 13th: What is the best (or your favorite) moment(s) in 2013

Getting my first sale on Etsy! I opened my shop in October 2012 and didn't get my first sale until April. Probably due to my lack of marketing skills! My first sale was a little girls bracelet, I love making jewelry for little girls, my daughter is who inspired me to start making jewelry. 

And, my very first customer just purchased another bracelet, just a few days ago. :)

31 Days of Blogging Challenge
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  1. Keep moving forward! I was watching a show last night about gold prospectors. The one guy said Congratulations you are all Millionaires! You just have to dig it out of the ground. I am a firm believer that the same goes for the internet. Whether it be Etsy or Ebay or whatever. Your fortune is there. You just have to have the persistence to stick with it and "Dig it up"! Wishing you a happy and prosperous year ahead! Eric@Thatdarneddad


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