9 Office Accessories to Keep you Organized and Inspired

So, I'm a paper fanatic, I have like a million and one notebooks and pens, it's cray cray!!! I just can't help myself, anytime I'm at the store I have to sneak over to the planner/notebook aisle, I think it's an addiction. What that said, I decided to build an office wish list for myself and share it.
1. Desk Calendar
2. Recipe Box
3. Personalized Soft Cover Notebook
4. 8 Days a Week Planner
5. Glasses Notebook
6. Keyboard Memo Pad
7. Dream Work Success Poster
8. The Day Designer
9. Pen and Pencil Holder

I've heard so many good things about the Day Designer by Whitney English, I think I might get it! And how about that keyboard memo pad, Genius!!!

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  1. I'm totally a paper girl! I need my planner near at all times and an online calendar just won't do!


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