Don't Cry Over Spilled Polish Exchange: The Reveal

Don't Cry Over Spilled Polish Exchange
For the very first time in my blogging history (I know, sounds so dramatic), I decided to participate in a blogger exchange. This blogger exchange was hosted by a great blogging friend of mine over at XOXORebecca. She has a great blog and she is always looking for ways to connect other bloggers through fun opportunities, you should checkout her blog! The exchange: Don't Cry Over Spilled Polish. In the exchange a group of bloggers were paired together to get to know each other better and then we had to send out some cool polishes. I was paired with Ashley at Wannabe Green.
Here's what I got:

Maybelline New York Color Show: clearly spotted and crushed candy are the names. 

I really love the colors, any shade close to pink is the right color for me! And I love artsy nails, the polka dots are going to look great over any color since they are black and white.

Thanks Rebecca for hosting and thanks Ashley for the great polishes! Ashley, I really hope you enjoyed your little package!!
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  1. Those colors are soo pretty! And I bet will look great on you. I am so glad you had a great time in this and thank you so much for joining in sweetie!

  2. I always miss all the cool stuff! Looks like it was a fun exchange!

  3. i'm visiting from the swap. i love the colors you got. they will be so pretty together. i just read through all the posts, and people including myself got some really great stuff,


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