Weekly Wishes #2

Last weeks goals:
1. Set up ad approval account.
2. Create section on A Chicago Mom for my Etsy Shop.
3. Read 5 chapters of The Social Media Bible.
4. Find at least 1 goal to add to my 101 in 1001 days list (7 away from finishing the list) What a shame, I need a list to help me finish a list!!!
5. Complete Buzz agent Surveys.
2 out of 5 not good! Hopefully I'll do better this week!!

1. Complete Buzz agent surveys (this was on my list last week)

2. Read 2 chapters of The Social Media Bible

3. Finish my 101 list

4. Make Doc appointments

5. Work on another blog button

What are your wishes/goals for the week?
Share them!
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  1. Hi from SITS. Where can I find the Social Media Bible? That sounds interesting.


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