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Making smoothies for the kiddies, Husband and I. But not just any smoothies, fruit and veggie smoothies. This is a huge deal because my kids hate veggies, just like every other kid in America. And as adults my husband and I don't eat enough veggies (very sad). I made us Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana, Kale smoothies, they were so good. And the kids loved them, please don't tell my kids I put veggies in their smoothie. LOL

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren: This is a second time read and I feel like I'm getting something new out of it.
Spending to much time on...
Searching for inspiration and not enough time on presenting my inspired works.  Facebook is the unnecessary evil to a hard working woman! :)

Working on...
Finishing up my studies on CSS and HTML. Researching the proper way to start a Graphic Design business. Taking classes on Photoshop. And working everyday to be better then yesterday, my kids deserve the best me!

Do you have any good reads or smoothie recipes? Please share!

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  1. I think the problem with kids not eating fruits and vegetables is that people make a big deal out of them being healthy. I've never pushed fruits and vegetables, but my kids love them, Raw vegetables are their favorite things to snack on!


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