Around Chicago: Chicago Premium Outlets in Aurora IL - Michael Kors Haul

Although we had snow on Tuesday, can you believe this past weekend's weather was gorgeous. I cannot believe it snowed 2 days later! Anyways, we decide to do a little shopping and one of the best places to shop is an outlet. So we (my husband, kids and I) decide to drive out to Aurora IL to shop at Chicago Premium outlets. It's an outdoor mall and it had some of the best shopping! I went there with only one store in mind for myself "Michael Kors". And boy did that store deliver! I wanted to find a cute cross body bag, cross body bags are so much more convenient for me, being a mom and wanting to walk around with as little baggage as possible. The Michael Kors store had some great deals on bags big and small. Look what I got.

I got 2 cross body bags and this cute little wallet all for under $300. I call this a Michael Kors Haul, LOL!

After Michael Kors I was done shopping, but then I remembered that I just wanted to get a few things for the kids. Oh, and my husband wanted to shop too! Chicago Premium outlets has tons of stores something for everyone. I would suggest getting there early because parking was a pain and if you want to shop at the Coach store be prepared to stand in line outside the store. Here are some of the other stores they had:

Kate Spade New York
BCBG Max Azira
Nike Outlet
The Children's Place Outlet
Lucky Brand
And so much more....

So, we live in Chicago and as I said before this place is in Aurora IL, about 40 minutes outside Chicago. Before we left, we decide to pack and a little bag to maybe stay in a hotel by the mall.

After shopping, we went to get something to eat at Friday's (this is where the story turns bad). So about 5 min away from the mall, we found a Friday's out in Naperville IL. We walk into the restaurant, which looked pretty empty for a Saturday from what I could see, and were told that it was going to be a 25 minute wait. We decide to wait for 25 minutes and it was a little over that. The hostess sat us down and we realized she didn't give us any menus, and at that point no one even walks past us except one woman, but she walked very quickly past us. Finally, someone stops by the table and it was the woman that walked past us previously. She pulls out her notepad and proceeds to take our order (reminder- We didn't have menus). I told her we didn't have any menus. She walks off with an attitude like we were responsible for getting our own menus. At that point I was getting angry, my kids were tired and so was I, we just wanted something to drink at that point. The hostess that forgot to bring the menus brought us the menus, but our waitress was nowhere in sight. We ask the hostess could she find our waitress so she could take our drink orders. The waitress came to the table and said " She said you needed me" with an attitude and rolled her eyes! If I could have turned red, I would have been a tomato. To make a long story short, we ask for the manager and got another waiter. We didn't leave because we were tired and hungry, it's not that easy to just get up and leave when you also have to starving kids with you. The manager tried to make things better, but the damage was already done, I will never ever, ever eat at Friday's in Naperville or any other Friday's again. The inconsideration at that restaurant was unacceptable.

After leaving that restaurant instead of going to a hotel, we decided to drive back to Chicago and get the hell outta Naperville. If we ever go shopping at Chicago Premium Outlets again we will not be making any pit stops in Naperville!

Thanks for listening just had to get that off my chest! But, I'm so happy about my purchases!!!

How was your weekend?

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  1. I live near the mall there and don't recall ever getting good service at that Friday's. Because of that I also don't remember the last time I was there. Don't let it taint your idea of Aurora! :)

    1. Wow, that's sad. I'll def be going back for shopping!!


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