Review: Necessary Clothing - Sun Kissed Tote (White)

If you are like me, then you love a good bag. I have two obsessions handbags and notebooks, well maybe three - I also love pens. Either way, a good handbag can carry all of my obsessions.  

The product/Item: Necessary Clothing - Sun Kissed Tote in White.

How it looks: The bag is pretty cute, it's a nice sized tote bag with faux leather and metallic trimmings. Size is 13" long and 16" wide. It also comes with a little cloth zipper pouch.

What I like: I like that it's a tote bag, I can just throw in whatever I need for myself and the kids and keep moving. The tote is also big enough to fit my MacBook, this is a plus since I take it just about everywhere. The zipper pouch is great for adding little things that you don't want just floating around the bag. 

Where to buy it: Necessary Clothing 

Price: $39.99

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