5 Great Apps for Creatives

1. Curator for iPad (FREE): If you are a creative, then you always find inspiration everywhere you go and need to store screenshots of ideas. This app is perfect for that. This app allows you to create portfolios of your ideas. 
2. Noteshelf for iPad (FREE): This app is great for creatives, it's the perfect tool to organize every aspect of your life. It's loaded with tons of add-ons specifically designed to create your own personal digital planner. 
3. Adobe Lightroom for iPad: If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account this app will be pretty handy for editing photos on the go. 
4. Evernote (FREE): Again I have to mention this app, because if you are not using it, you're really missing out. This app is apart of a family of apps that help creatives organize thoughts and ideas to put them to work.
5. Skitch (FREE): Great app for making notations on your work. Open photos and PDF's with this app and create feedback for yourself. 
I really hope these apps help. Let me know what you think!
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