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I've been away for awhile, went on a little vacation and came home sick. Still feeling sick while writing this post. It's amazing how much you miss this blogging community when you are away.  Even though I can't create as much content as others ( I probably shouldn't be comparing myself to other bloggers) I really look forward to the planning and ideas aspects of blogging. 

As I said before I'm planning to start my own creative design business and it has been really tough so far. I have a million ideas for what I want to do with the business and so little time. I have a really hard time managing my time and planning properly. I'm so excited to start creating that I can't focus on developing the business. I have a lot on my plate, but this is what I want to do, it makes me happy. 

Right now I'm currently looking for colors to create my business logo, I've been playing around with different color patterns. I think I really like the idea of bright and bold colors. 

What colors are you loving this spring? How do you organize your ideas?

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