What is your Passion for Blogging?

I've written a similar blog post to this called: Why do you blog? I knew why I blog, but it was only after yesterday, when I received a thank you card from one of my readers in the mail. That it really made me feel good to get feedback from someone that's been to my blog.

 She entered one of my Purex giveaways and she won a free coupon for a Purex product back in March. I sent her the coupon she won and I also including an extra coupon for kid Purex detergent that I had and never used. I didn't want them to expire and I wasn't using them, so I decided to include them with the winners coupons, a little surprise gift! Yesterday I went to my PO BOX and to my surprise one of the winners sent me a Thank You card, saying she really appreciated the coupons I sent her.

It's the little things like this that make blogging so much more rewarding. We all blog to become known in the "blogging industry", but is it really a passion? What really drives you to work everyday at making the perfect post? At times, I feel bad because I don't post on A Chicago Mom as often as others do on their blogs. (Mistake #1 stopping comparing yourself) but, I feel like I have to really be passionate about what I post and when I do post something I really want it to be an inspiration to others in some shape or form. I really enjoy helping others. It feels good to know that someone has used something I provided them with (words or a physical object) from A Chicago Mom and it helped them.

In order to keep A Chicago Mom going it definitely takes a budget, which requires profit! However, for me, connections made are priceless. And this is the reason why I dont give up on blogging no matter my position in a very saturated industry.

Besides profit, What is the most rewarding thing about blogging for you?
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  1. I love blogging. My blog is my little spot of the innerwebs. Where I can discuss anything I want. I think that is sweet they sent you a thank you card! I'm stopping by from the blog top, I hope your having a great Monday!


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