Get Inspired Cooking & Party Planning:Tips on How to Make Life Easier Everyday!

In an effort to make my own life easier I thought I'd share some great tips that I've found on the web or in magazines, on how to inexpensively make MOM's (our) life easy! 

It's summer and parties are almost every weekend. Looking for a beautiful frugal table setting for your next party, here is one for you. I've never thought of using fruit as the center of my table setting. For that matter, I don't really throw many parties at my house, but if I did this one would be added to my planning list. This is a beautiful table setting with minimal flowers which is better on your pockets. Found this beautiful table setting on a wedding site called: Belle & Chic.

I wish every dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner only had 6 ingredients. That sure would make grocery shopping and cooking a lot easier. Chicken Tortilla Bake sounds so good and this sounds like a dish the kids would love. I going to give this recipe a try!

I'm going to try to post this Get Inspired "segment" at least once a week. I find so many things from magazines that I want to share, just don't really have enough time.  I know that I have to make time, this blog means a lot to me and I want you to keep coming back!

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  1. Love the floating lemons with little candles in them. What a simple and elegant idea! Thanks for hosting the link up!


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