Hello, Color Crush Creative!

Hey peeps,  I'm happy to announced my new Design Studio: Color Crush Creative. Color Crush Creative as of now, only focuses on Blogger Themes (custom and pre made), my design aesthetic is clean, minimal, crisp designs using the customer's Color Crush (everyone has a color crush).

I like to think that the amount of whitespace on your blog does make a huge difference on whether or not someone will stay on your blog. Tip: too much clutter is not cute! I happen to love the minimal look with pops of color. That is what Color Crush Creative does!

In starting my journey to creating my own brand, one of the first things I had to consider was what platform I would use for my website. Following the trend that everyone is following, I looked into Wordpress. Since, everyone says Wordpress can get the job done! "They say" Wordpress has everything you need to launch your brand. I'm not an expert so I really didn't know what I needed, but what I did know, is that I needed my website to look a certain way and Blogger couldn't provide that. I wanted a traditional website feel for my design studio, I needed it to look more like a website and not a BLOG. So I purchase a self-hosted Wordpress Blog, a Wordpress theme and set up Color Crush Creative!

The more I learned about HTML and CSS, I started to look at my Wordpress blog,  and wondered could I make this look happen on a Blogger blog?

After doing tons of research and testing themes on a sample blog I found out, I could have a Wordpress look on a Blogger blog. Then, I realized that I actually wasted money on my Wordpress blog. Which sucks!! :( To achieve what I needed for my studio, I didn't need a Wordpress site.

"New start-up businesses don't have money to waste and I sure didn't."

I was able to create the same look on blogger that I had on Wordpress with NO COST!

Did you know that you can have a shop or portfolio style look using blogger? 

 Below are screenshot of my Wordpress website and my Blogger website.
 Color Crush Creative on Wordpress

Color Crush Creative on Blogger

Not, really much of a difference it just depends on the way you style it. The point here: "ITS ALL IN THE WAY YOU STYLE IT"!

I actually felt cheated, then I realize that it was my own fault for not thinking of this before I went out and purchased a self hosted site. But, like you I didn't think blogger could look any way other than like a blog with blog posts!

And now, I'm still trying to figure out, Why the heck do you need Wordpress anyway? Can someone please tell me? Maybe its because my visitor count is not as high as others, so I can't tell! I really don't know why people prefer Wordpress over Blogger it just doesn't make sense to me as of yet. Maybe later it will!

So if you are in need of a new Blogger Theme or Custom Design, I'm here to help. My prices are affordable and I can provide you with customer service that is unmatched!

Here are a few of my designs:
Custom Design for Life In Positudiness


My skills are currently expanding everyday and so will my services. I have big dreams in the works, so please follow me on this journey!

If you have any design questions please contact me at hello@colorcrushcreative.com

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XO, Ce Ce

Stay tuned for my next post: Blogger to Wordpress VS Wordpress to Blogger


  1. LOVE THIS! I'm about to have a logo created an then I totally need a fresh look for my Blogger Blog. I will be in touch for sure. I love what I see. Glad I didn't drink the Wordpress Kool-Aid that bloggers are pushing around. lol


  2. HI- Thank you so much for speaking with me over at sits girls. I am really lost. My blog is http://joyousskinbytanya.wordpress.com/. I left blogger a year ago to increase numbers and I thought I was going to move all my web stuff there but it looks like I need two sites. What do you think? www.joyousskin.com What is it you found better at blogger ? Is it cheaper?


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