Here's What: What I'm Obsessed With This Week

"Happening at Home"!

1. Guacamole: Made my first batch of "Guac" and it was tasty! Ingredients: Avocado, Serrano Peppers, white onion, tomato, cilantro and salt.

2. The New Learning Center: As expressed in my previous Here's What about Homeschool, I'm very nervous about starting this new chapter in our lives. But, I'm so happy that I started getting organized. Over the past few weeks, K12 has been sending all of the course materials for Kindergarten, we receive about 5 boxes. Exciting, but also still very stressful! So last week I was able to start setting up and organizing our new learning center. The Learning center will be strictly for studying and homeschool, not play!

3. Unplugged: I think this is important for every blogger. Being a blogger or creative can be very draining! If you don't take time away from the computer you lose your creative zest. For me this happens a lot. Unplugging at least one day a week helps me focus on my life outside of blogging and creating. And starting a fresh new day, I come back fresh with loads of ideas. You should def try it!! :)

4. My mommy faves: The Day Designer, Mac, iPad and my pencil box. I carry these around the house! The Day Designer is a life saver!!!

What are your must haves and/or tips?

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