Thanksgiving is over and being THANKFUL is something that is important all year long! 
The power of prayer and believing- If you have a belief in something hold fast to that and never stop caring and working for what you believe in! If it is meant to be yours it will be!
My family- The greatest gift in the world is having children, they are everything to me! I live everyday day for them and cherish the time each day not wanting to rush anything, because each day they grow older. And, having a wonderful husband that is my rock to share the beauties of life with through the eyes of our children, is a joy that I will hold in my heart for the rest of my life. 
To live and learn- One of the most important aspects of life is to live and learn. Each day that you have on earth the possibilities are endless for that day. You are able to correct many wrongs by doing right! And, because each day is not guaranteed to anyone, get the most out of that day by doing what you love and learning from mistakes. 
Mistakes- "Mistakes" why would anyone be THANKFUL for mistakes? Without them, you will have learned nothing about life! Mistakes teach us more than we are willing to admit even if they are hard ones. Mistakes teach us all how to be better people and how to live better lives moving forward. Without mistakes you would miss out on the biggest reward, the lessons learned from them!
There are so many things to be THANKFUL for everyday! Maybe this will be my ongoing list, documented here until 2015! 
What are you thankful for? What lessons have you learned?
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