Blogging // 7 Tips to prepare your blog for the New Year

Get a new look for your blog: Make sure you create a place where people will want to visit because it pleasing to the eyes, or inspiring. A new blog design can motivate you to post more and refocus your efforts. And if you are looking for a reasonably priced blog design (I'm talking about $15 templates kind of reasonable) for your Blogger blog check out my Etsy Shop.

Review your blog categories: Make sure your blog categories make sense compared to your blog's niche and topics. You blogs categories are so important, you have no ideas! This is your best way to organize your blog for your readers, no one wants to read through every posts just to get ideas on "How to make the perfect pound cake"! Make it easy for them, if you're a food blogger have a tab for desserts, then add drop downs for Cakes, pies, cookies, etc...

Organize you blog: Make sure the things on your sidebar and home page reflects your blog at the current stage. Maybe your have changed your blogs focus and some of your ads or sponsors don't reflect that. Rearrange your blog to make sure the most important aspects of your blog are displayed immediately for readers to see.

Check for broken links: Make sure all the links on your blog are up to date and working properly.  Click on every link and make sure they are being routed correctly. Your whole blog should be streamlined to help you succeed, not direct traffic elsewhere.

Up date your about me and social media account profiles: Make sure your about and social profiles reflect your life currently. If readers come back everyday to read your blog that want to know whats new with you as well.

Review your popular posts: You may be able to recycle concepts and apply them to different topics to write something new.

Prepare your post in advance: If you're like me you are so busy with everything in your life and you don't have time to write a post everyday or even every week. But, in the back of your mind you have the lingering feeling that you are not doing enough for your blog. But, you just don't have the time! Editorial calendars were created for a reason, create your own and start using it. Most bloggers say "it works" and I believe them! Right now, I'm writing this post a week before it's scheduled to post.  And, I've typed up concepts for posts on my handy iPad for the whole month of January. And it feels good!!

The only way to succeed in blogging is to have a plan and follow it through!

Do you have any tips on how to prepare your blog for success in the New Year?

xoxo, Ce Ce


  1. Fantastic tips! Pinning this for reference!

  2. I love this! I always have to review the broken links... they are some sneaky little buggers! I'm sharing this post


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