Hello 2015 New Year, New Look !!! Top 4 Posts of 2014

New Look

I am so happy to show everyone the "New Look" for A Chicago Mom! A Chicago Mom has been a labor of love for me, I'm sure every blogger has a time in their "Blog Life" where they feel they have no inspiration to blog. Then you get to the stage where you decide to scrap your blog and go in a different direction. At this stage you can definitely diagnose yourself with the BB "Blogger's Block"!

Blogger's Block is definitely discouraging but you can get over it, if you remember why you started in the first place. On a side note: Don't compare your efforts to other bloggers, especially if you haven't worked as hard.

My Advice

Do what you can with what you have! Take some time off to reevaluate your blog and yourself. Make  sure you still have the same passion that you had at the beginning. Taking time off will help you clear your mind and start over fresh, gather a pen and paper and draft up some new ideas for posts. Hell, maybe even think about using a blog editorial calendar!

One of my biggest issues with blogging is having enough content to post. But, this year (2015) I plan to plan ahead, I have so many great ideas, but I never get to share them because of bad or lack there of "planning".  Planning is everything for a blogger and I think it determines your success as a blogger!! So this year, lets plan ahead and make "2015", GREAT!!!


Here are my TOP 4 posts from 2014:

The year, I plan to have a focus and stick to it! I want to write and share more of what I love and what I think readers will need to know in 2015. So, please bare with me and stick around. 

A few business updates

In 2014, I launched Chic Pixels my blog design services. Chic Pixels focus on creating clean, minimal blogger designs with a pop of color. I have my website and an Etsy shop with a few blogger pre mades with more to come in 2015, I would really appreciate you taking a look. Thank you in advance!!

I still have Jayla Jolie Jewelry going strong for the 3rd year! I have so much planned for 2015, that if I don't get things done, my brain will explode!

So, "Cheers" to the bloggers that get sh#t done and let's make 2015 GREAT!!!

And thank you to all who have come and keep coming back to visit A Chicago Mom!!

What are your plans to succeed in 2015?

xoxo, Ce Ce


  1. The new look is fantastic! I love it!

  2. I am totally digging the new vibe! And so awesome your store is 3 years old :)


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