Welcome to the New A Chicago Mom #newlook

Hey friends, yes ACM has a new look again!! And to go with the new look I want to introduce the acronym ACM (A Chicago Mom). Just a shorter way to say "A Chicago Mom"!

I love this new look for my blog, I purchased the template from a cool theme shop that knew a lot more about building on Blogger than myself (I'm still a work in progress)!

I'm so happy for the things that I have in store for ACM and I can't wait to share. I also wanted to reorganize the blog to make it easier to navigate and highlight the visuals parts.

 I'm also going on a creative journey onto learning more about Graphic Design from front to back. I started the design journey by learning to build Blogger Themes, but I find that I love the idea of creating graphics (prettying up blogs) more than building blogger blogs from scratch. So more Skillshare here I come!!

So take a look around, comment and tell me what you think!

Thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Ce Ce

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  1. It looks great! love the menu bar that stays at the top when you are scrolling! Very nice feature!


Thanks for stopping by!