There are plenty of blog posts floating around with lists of the best tools to use for blogging. So to continue the chain I have to add me two cents, and maybe I will have something on the list that you haven't heard already. I might even have some great pointers on how to use these blogging tools. There many preferred methods for blogging, so I'm here to give you some options.
1. VSCO APP// Not everyone has one of those fancy DSLR cameras and photos are the most important feature of your blog posts. By making a few adjustments to the contrast and other image features you can make all of your photos looks bright and professional using VSCO. 

2. White Poster Board //  We are not all professional photographers, nor can we afford to hire one for our blog "photo shoots". If you are looking to have a simple clean look for a blog post photo with just a few items, this idea is perfect! You can find white poster boards at any store that sells school supplies. It makes the perfect background or table top for your own styled photography.

3. Instagram // Who doesn't love instagram? Instagram is the perfect place to find inspiration (DO NOT COPY) for your blog posts. It's the best free resource around!

4. Epic Blog: One-Year Editorial Planner// When you are ready to get serious about blogging, this is what you need. Please note: I just got mine at the beginning of April, but already loving it! This planner has white space to include any and every idea that comes to mind. With space to plan your blog posts out from image planning to themes for the entire month.

5. Pages App// There are a number of ways you can use the Pages app for your blog, I use pages to create templates. Template are base outlines on how you want your blog posts to look every time you post. That way you don't have to figure out how you want to structure your blog posts, its already set up, just fill in the blanks. Example Outline: Opening statement, Questions to readers, Point 1, Point 2, Closing statement and Call to action. If you have a simple base for each blog post, I guarantee it will make blogging easier!

6. Numbers App// I use this apps to record social media stats, analytics, and income.

7. Pencils// Pretty pencils with great taglines are empowering :)

8. Notebook//  Keep track of your thoughts. If you don't write all your ideas down you will forget them! Keep a notebook close and have many of them (I'm a little notebook obsessed)!

9. Portable Hardrive// If you are serious about blogging, then you have files on top of files from all your ideas. You should have a portable hard drive, if something bad happens to your computer you will be mourning a death (maybe too dramatic, but true)! All of your hopes and dreams will go up in flames.

10. A Quiet Place to focus//  Make sure to dedicate time and space for blogging. It's really hard to be consistent with blog posts if your are just fitting it in wherever you can. My favorite place to focus is Panera Bread, they have outlets to charge your devices, free Wi Fi and great sandwiches (the first two features are the most important)!

What are your favorite tools for blogging?


  1. The editiorial planner looks amazing! I definitely need something like that to keep me organised

    1. The Epic Planner is the best!!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Great tips! #'s 4 & 10 are my fave. ;-)


    1. Yes, I love a good quiet place to focus!!

      Thanks for stopping by Whitney!! :)

  3. These are great tips! I need to look into an editorial planner and I love the quiet time. #TurnItUpTuesday

  4. I do need to start improving my planning. I'll have to look into the Epic Planner.


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