My First Illustration in Adobe Illustrator learned from #Skillshare

I just had to share my recent work, which I learned on Skillshare. The class: Learning to Draw Digitally Using Basic Shapes in Adobe Illustrator. The class was awesome and I learned so much about how to use the tools and how to make pattern swatches "SO EXCITING"! Checkout my latest creation:

My inspiration for this project was my children, everything that I do I always have them in my mind. Each cartoon pretty much respresents their personalities. My son loves numbers and sports and my daughter is always going to be the girl in the room with bows or flowers in her hair and bracelets (I also make jewelry). 

What have you learned new in the past few months? Please share.


  1. You did a very good job with drawing the little ones it looks just like them. Also, I love your blog new look especially the categories side, so much information. Well done!!!!!

  2. I specialized in Illustrator while in college and it grew to become my favorite program. I was so lucky to be able to get a job using it everyday and grew to love it even more. Now, I don't use it as much as I was since I'm not at a desk job anymore, but I still love creating in it. I think for your first piece, you did an amazing job! It looks like you have been doing it a while. Keep up the good work


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