Ways to use your creative talents to make money online

One of the main reasons why I started my blog was to create a revenue stream for my family as a stay at home mom and to help my husband. I didn't expect to make thousands of dollars, but I knew there was some income to be made from blogging. But, what I didn't have when I start blogging was the wealth of information that you can find today about how to make money using your own creative talents. When I started blogging, I had no idea where to start or what I needed to start.

Since, I didn't have a great head start when I started my first blog and other businesses, I want to help make the process a little easier for you. This post (and a series of others coming soon) is for the stay at home parent who wants to contribute to their family's income using their own creative talents.

The first step is to discover what you want to do or how you want to use your talents. Blogging helped me discover a couple things about myself:

  1. I love sharing information with people that can help them.
  2. I love faux fancy jewelry for little girls so I started Jayla Jolie Jewelry 
  3. I have a BS in Computer Science, I also loved graphic design in high school so I got back into designing with ACM Design Studio
Blogging has helped me discover other things that I really enjoy doing. It just too me years to find out. I want to save you a couple years and give you ideas on what you can do to become a "Creative Entrepreneur"!

Blogging: Think about your hobbies, what are you passionate about? That could be your blog focus. Create a blog to detail the making of something or teach people how to do it! Blogging is so broad today that you probably won't find one blog that covers every topic. People follow a couple different bloggers for different reasons. And if there is something that you love, I'm sure there are people out there that love it too. Blogging has a couple of income earning sources like affiliate programs, sponsored post opportunities, product reviews and more. It is definitely a slow income stream, but it is the core of how you display your creative talents. Having a blog is detrimental to provide an awareness of your products and services and getting your name out there. Blogging is almost like a commercial, no one is checking for you if they don't know about you! *I plan to get more detailed about blogging later down the line. 

Sell handmade items: Hopefully you have heard of Etsy, it is a online marketplace for people just like me and you to sell our handmade creations. Etsy is the perfect place to start a small business without a marketing budget. Sell items (paintings, jewelry, art, custom web design services and more) that you make at home on Etsy for a small fee. I have 2 Etsy shops: Jayla Jolie Jewelry and ACM Design Studio*I will get more detail about Etsy in the future as well!

Graphic Design: You may already be a Adobe Illustrator expert (and if not you can learn with Skillshare)! Create custom logos and sell them on Etsy. Bloggers and small business owners need affordable branding (business cards designs, logos, letter heads and more) for their businesses. Selling it online and targeting small businesses and bloggers is the way to go!

Web Design: Not good with HTML and CSS you can learn and start small. Start building blogs on easy blogging platforms like Blogger and work your way up to Wordpress. There are so many resources that can help like W3Schools. You can also sell these services on Etsy.

Social media manager: Yes, this is an actual job! Businesses large and small (I need one) need someone to manage and update their social media presence. There is so much detail and work that goes into social media management, you wouldn't believe. Its hard to manage it yourself if you have other tasks on your agenda as an entrepreneur. This job is perfect for someone that is on social media all day. 

Photography: If you are handy with a camera there is "moolah" to be made! And I'm not talking about opening your own photography studio. You can make an income just from helping small businesses take product photos: like Etsy shop owners or help creative studios develop a beautiful website by capturing beautiful desktop images for their site. Requirements to start are not huge, have a camera, good lighting, pure white backgrounds and pretty stuff to take pictures of. You can also start your own premium photo stock services and sell your photos. I'm not a photographer, but a lot of the photos I use for this blog are taking with my iPhone and a white background (see image below).


As you can see there are many different ways to make money online and with typical jobs that are altered to meet the needs of people today. I truly believe that small businesses should be the hub of America, small businesses should turn into something huge for people like me and you. Everyone should be able to do something that they love, take care of their family and add to the community. I want to take on the challenge to help someone or everyone do something that they love, make money and eventually give back.

FYI: I am not an expert, but I have read lot and learned a lot from my observation within the creative entrepreneur community. I may not be able to answer every question, but I can probably point you in the right direction.

Looking forward to sharing what I know in future posts so stay tuned......

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