13 Dos and Don'ts with your Blog's Design

#1 Search box - Make it easy for readers to find the information they need, if they are really interested in what you have to say, they will use it. 

#2 Social Sharing - You want your readers to share your content right? Well, make sure you have social sharing buttons under each post.

#3 Visible Links - Make sure all the links on your blog are visible, readers can not click if they don't see them. Choose a font color that's brighter and that can stand out from the rest of the text on your blog. 

#4 Social Media Icons - You want your readers to stay connected with you and your blog, get some social icons and make them visible.

#5 Blog Header - Invest in a nice blog header, that's the first thing readers see when they land on your blog's homepage. No budget for that, check out Canva or Picmonkey to make your own.

#6 Image Presentation - Center align the images on your sidebar and blog posts, it looks so much better. 

#7 Font Style - Make sure the fonts you choose for your blog are legible, stay away from curly whimsical font in areas that your readers need to understand when reading (headings, sidebar titles, etc..).

#8 Colors - Keep your blog's color palette down to 4 to 5 colors. When I design for other blogs I typically use only 3 main colors and accented color on the side. Below is a logo I created for my jewelry design shop. Need ideas on which colors go well together, check out and follow my Color Mix page on Pinterest.

#9 Blog Sidebar - You blog's sidebar should have the most important information about you and your blog. Don't use your sidebar as an affiliate marketplace, it could read as, "Hi, readers I need you to click something".

#10 Blog Layout - 3 column layouts can sometimes look too busy (in my opinion). You want the first focus on your blog to be the content, not the sidebars (at least not in the beginning).

#11 White space - White space obviously is the space on your blog that's not being used (hence, the term "white space"). Since I'm a very minimal style blog designer this is very important to me. The amount of white space on your blog makes it much easier to read, clutter is not attractive and can be a huge turn-off for readers. Most readers love the simplicity of clean, white space.

#12 Center Align Text - Large bodies of text should not be aligned to the center, that is not easy to read or cute to look at. Go check your favorite blog if you don't believe me.

#13 Read More - Condense/Cut down your blog posts a bit with the "Read more" or "Continue Reading" links. Adding this to your blog post will speed up your page loading time if your have lots of images in your posts. It will also give your readers a quick pick into the posts on your home pages, that way you can display more post snippets on your homepage.

These are small tasks that can be done TODAY to make your blog look better. Don't wait, your blog is a presentation of you and how you want your brand/blog to be seen. These are some things that I wish I'd known when I first started blogging!


  1. Some great tips - love the font title tip - this is something I need to take on board. Stopping by from Turn it Up Tuesday

  2. Thanks for the tips! Especially 6,8,9 and 12. Visiting from your Friday blog hop😊 http://italianbelly.com


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