20+ I'm Bored Activities for kids when you are a work at home Parent

It's summer, you have probably done everything with the kids this summer and they are still mumbling. "I'm bored"! Whether you are a parent that works from home or just need a break from kid playtime. I've got you covered! Here are 20+ activities for kids you can put in place in advance or set up right away so the kids can have fun without you!
  1. Play dress up, gather as many Halloween costumes you can find and let them have at it!
  2. Have tea time with the stuff animals.
  3. Create a bucket of writing prompts (for older kids) let them choose one without looking Example: If I was the President of the united States, what would laws would I make....
  4. Paint a picture inspired by...
  5. Create a collage using old magazines
  6. Play a card game
  7. Build a fort (you will need blankets and chairs to set up)
  8. Play library
  9. Have a pretend supermarket (play toys and a calculator) 
  10. Color scavenger hut
  11. Use play dough to create an art sculpture inspired by famous artist
  12. Mess free painting: cool projects here
  13. Indoor Hopscotch 
  14. Hat ring toss
  15. Pitch a tent and let them camp indoors (throw in a few camps treats)
  16. Paper plate ring toss
  17. Musical Chairs (Yes, bringing out old school tricks!)
  18. Make quiet time boxes with something different in them for each day of the week // Cool ideas here
  19. Paint Rocks
  20. Print new coloring pages from the web
Free coloring pages sources:

What are your favorite "I'm bored" activities for the kiddies?

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