Chicago Restaurant Review: HONEY BUTTER FRIED CHICKEN

Yes, "HONEY BUTTER FRIED CHICKEN" is the name, with an emphasis on keywords: honey, butter, fried, chicken. That was enough to get my attention, like music to my to my ears!

At Honey Butter Fried Chicken they believe that you should feel good about the food you eat- where it comes from, how it's prepared and how it's served. So that means humanely raised chickens and fresh ingredients.

I totally believe that is true from my experience at HBFC. My husband and I decided to visit this hotspot and we were pleasantly surprised. HBFC is known for this sweet honey butter chicken, so we had to try it! The chicken at HBFC was so juicy, so good, when you eat the chicken you are supposed to put the honey butter on top of the chicken and take a bite, OMG!!! Boneless, crunchy, white meat chicken has never tasted so good! And the sides were just as good, the food tasted clean (non-greasy or over seasoned) with a southern home cooking twist. We tried: Pimento Mac N Cheese, COLLARD GREEN (I love collard greens), and schmaltz smashed potatoes - PICTURED BELOW.

If you love fried chicken and a touch of southern flavor visit HBFC, you will not be disappointed!

HBFC Fried Chicken 
Pimento Mac N Cheese 
HBFC Chicken Sandwich
Honey Buffalo Sandwich
Creamed Corn
Roasted Garlic Grits
 Corn Muffins

Learn more about HBFC on their Restaurant Website! This is not a sponsored post, I just love chicken and had to share :)

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