Grammarly Writing Made Easy: Review

Writing is one of the hardest tasks to do in blogging if writing does not come easy for you (me). I have the perfect tool to get that writing in shape!

Grammarly is a simple and powerful writing app that corrects more types of spelling and grammatical mistakes than any other software on the market.


Best Plagiarism Checker & Proofreader

Instantly fixes over 250 types of errors, most of which Microsoft Word can't find.

Finds the perfect word every time with context-optimized synonym suggestions.

Teaches you about your mistakes so that you can avoid them next time.

You can write anywhere and Grammarly has your back.

Pros: Proofreading has to be one of the most tedious jobs, and sometimes you still end up with errors in your writing after it has been published. I like that with Grammarly, you can work inside any of your favorite blogging or social media accounts and Grammarly is right there with you. No copy and paste needed! Suggestions are made when writing inside those apps and with one click you can make the changes. So far, I have found that Grammarly actively works inside of Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and even Gmail accounts.

 Cons: I enjoy using Grammarly on my computer, I really wish there was an app for my iPhone :)

 Try a free trial of Grammarly today.

Don't get caught plagiarizing


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