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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Goody Clean Radiance and Acorn Influence. However, all opinions expressed here and anywhere else on this blog are my own.

When I say "Our Hair Story", I'm talking about my daughter Jayla's hair. Yes, it's her hair, but it is my responsibility to keep it clean and healthy until she can do it for herself. And boy, let me tell you it is 
not an easy job. 
Jayla's hair has a mixture of both African Amercian and Puerto Rican all in one, as you can see above I have quite the job when I sit down to do it. From years of trying to maintain or keep (lol) hair on my head, I've learned that strong hair is a result of healthy moisturized hair. 
With a 4-year-old it is not easy to get her to sit down every day for a new hair style. So when I do get her to settle down, I'm doing a hairstyle that will last for about a week and that's easy to keep moisturized without all the extra work.  

I've been on the search for products and tools that will help maintain Jayla's hair, and I think I've found something, I really like! Clean Radiance Cushion Brush is the new brush line from Goody, you can't miss it, they have four new signs at Walmart! 
Goody Clean Radiance Cushion Brush is awesome for so many reasons:

Its copper bristles reduce natural build up
Flexible cushion pad for added comfort when brushing
Massages scalp
Restores hair's natural moisture 
It takes me about 2 hours to moisturize, brush, and twist Jayla's hair. With each brush using Goody Clean Radiance Cushion Brush I see added shine from the brush's cushion and copper bristles, which is a plus for me! And who doesn't love rose gold?
Goody Clean Radiance Cushion Brush launched in October and you can get your brush at the local Walmart today.

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