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Disclosure: I was contacted by Dream Dinners to try out the meal assembly program in exchange for an honest review. However, all opinions expressed here and anywhere else on this blog are my own.
Are the mom that doesn't look forward to thinking about or cooking dinner every day? That's me! I don't know about you but if I had the chance to try something that will relieve my stress, I'm all in! So when I was contacted by Dream Dinners to try out their meal assembly program I was beyond excited.


Dream Dinners provides you with everything you need (pre-cut, fresh ingredients) to assemble a dinner without all the headache. They relieve our mommy minds of the hassle that comes with deciding "What's for Dinner?". At Dream Dinners, you have the opportunity to come together with friends or family in a fun setting and assemble yummy dinners in under 2 hours and you don't have to worry about the dishes.  


I was contacted by someone on behalf of Dream Dinners, so I had never heard of Dream Dinners and I had no idea the location was just 10 minutes from my home. In just 3 easy steps, I was on my way to having my very own Dream Dinner experience. 

Signing up for Dream Dinners is very simple. You can visit Dream Dinners online and find a location near you. Select your date and time to attend and after that you will get your menu options via email. You have the option to choose dinners with 3 or 6 servings (3 dinners feeding 6 or 6 dinners feeding 3). You select your menu in advance so everything you need will be ready once you arrive at the store. Do not forget to take a large bag or cooler with you to your Dream Dinners visit to store your food for the transport home. 

Once you arrive at the store the atmosphere is pretty comfortable, coffee or tea was offered and they had tasty samples of a dish that's on next month's menu. We had a mini orientation with a tour of everything and the prep stations that we would be using. After that, we washed our hands, put on our aprons and watched the host show us exactly how to prepare our first meal. 
Each of the workstations was stocked with fresh pre-cut ingredients and detailed instructions on how to prepare the dish you chose. Everything is labeled and color coded to help you to add the right ingredients. As you make the meal, you have the options of adding more or less of ingredients to satisfy you taste needs. So, if your recipes include mushrooms and you don't eat mushroom, just leave those out of the dish.


When you get home from Dream Dinners make sure to store your dinners in the freezer and thaw in the fridge when you are ready to cook them.  The food is already prepared when they have thawed, so all you need to do is follow the detail instructions that come with each dish. Having each dish already prepared cuts your cooking time in half, and you have more time to enjoy your family.


One of the most stressful parts of cooking dinner every night is deciding what to make. In my household, I have very picky eaters and we tend to eat the same dishes weekly. I always want to try out different recipes on my family but deciding what to pick and preparing dishes always gets me tired before I sit down to eat. Having Dream Dinners for a week was heaven sent. Just image, waking up in the morning, taking a dish out of the freezer and later taking 30-45 minutes to cook the dish, Eureka! 
Along with the ease to make the dishes the food was "really" good. My favorite dish was the "Central Park Chicken and Tortellini Al Forno".  Each dish has their own recipes card so the steps to make the dishes were very easy. When sitting down to eat the first dinner, it tasted like restaurant quality food. I was so surprised the food tasted so fresh, and to know that it was just taken out of the freezer was unbelievable!  


Just to get started with Dream Dinners you can take advantage of the Introductory offer. Try 3-6 dinners (total of 18 servings) for only $74.95! You can also purchase each dish separately and the price range is between $20-$40 per dish. I would say the Introductory offer is the best value to experience the complete Dream Dinners experience and taste the great variety of dinner options that are available.  You check out the menu for this month and learn more about Dream Dinner on the website.  

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