A Chicago Mom Eats: Batter and Berries Restaurant

I've seen this restaurant on TV a couple times and liked what I saw, so I had to see what Batter and Berries is all about!

Batter and Berries is located in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. It's a pretty popular area in the city, so I thought it would be a busy restaurant and it was! My family and I visited Batter and Berries on a weekday hoping that it wouldn't be too busy. When we got to the restaurant the place the filled with people sitting everywhere, but a couple tables were still available (lucky us)!

MINI RANT: If you plan on visiting this restaurant with a family, BEWARE there is no waiting area, so you just might have to wait outside. There is no parking! And please make sure to have your entire party with you at the time of seating, or they will not seat you: meaning they skip over you until your party arrives, it almost happen to me! This would not be fun if you have one parent with the kids parking the car and one parent that went in to get a table. Not fun!


We heard BB had tasty breakfast options so that's what we ordered. From french toast flights, to buttermilk pancakes and grilled steak, the menu options were nice. They even had menu options for kids, and that's a plus! However, most of everything on the menu is a la carte, even the kids dishes. I had mixed emotions about that, but went on with the order because the dishes sounded so good.
(Looks good right?)


I ordered blueberry french toast on brioche bread, my husband order the grill steak with red wine sauce and the kids had pancakes. We also had to order a host of sides (a la carte); like bacon, eggs, and ham. When we received our dishes the waitress said to try the pancakes and french toast with their unique sweet butter blend before adding syrup. And maybe we would not need the syrup, but we did! The butter blend added more sweetness to the already sweet dishes. Which was a little too sweet for my taste buds.
(Remember, I told the food looked GOOD!)

When we received our plates everything looked so good, but one problem the food was COLD. Cold food is a huge turn down for me, none of our plates were even close to HOT! That was sad for me, my blueberry french toast just didn't taste right and maybe it's because it was cold. I'm the type of person that doesn't like to complain at restaurants, I just don't go back. And I give honest reviews when someone asks how a restaurant was. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy my experience at Batter and Berries :(

So I won't be going back, but if you do visit, make sure to request that your food is HOT. Maybe you will have a better experience than I did!
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