Ceramic Knife Box Set Review

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.
I was contacted by someone on the behalf of Muthbaki to review their Ceramic Knife Box Set With 3 Knives, Translucent Sheaths & A Potato Peeler. And boy, what a difference it makes when you have a fresh set of knives to cook with. I felt like a five star chef for a short minute with these knives! My husband and I were recently discussing how we needed to purchase a new set of knives. So this review opportunity could not have come at a better time.


Set includes 3 knives with translucent white sheath and a peeler
The ultra sharp ceramic blades that will retain sharpness longer than stainless steel blades
Ceramic blades that do not corrode
Blades that are naturally more resistant to bacteria than regular knives
Easy grip handles
Stain proof
Rust proof

What I like:

I've never used a ceramic knife before and I was pleasantly surprised that they could cut so well and not be the traditional knife. The handle on each knife and peeler has an easy grip, which was helpful when cutting tougher foods and the handle doesn't slip out of your hands if your hands are wet or greasy, I love that! This knife set was the smoothest cutting set of knives I've used in a long while. They cut veggies and even crusty French bread with ease and clean (Without crumbs everywhere). I love that they are sharp but not intimidating or scary to use. And these knives are so easy to clean. For the great price of $25.99 they knives are so worth it! Its a great deal for quality tools in your kitchen.

You can purchase of learn more about Ceramic Knife Box set at Amazon
What are some of your go to kitchen tools that help make your life a little easier?
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