Indoor Activities for those Springtime Not so Sunny Days

 It's springtime and spending more time outside is a must for overactive kids. However, some days will not be sunny and perfect for outside play. That's when we (parents) need to be creative. When I brainstorm activities for my kids my two main focuses are keeping their bodies active and brains moving. We recently had the opportunity to play with a couple of items from Lakeshore Learning and my kids loved them!

Lakeshore learning is dedicated to creating toys that promote a lifelong love of learning and they have put together a great group of products perfect for springtime fun. The springtime product line includes toys and activities that challenge kids in math, sciences and cognitive development. 
I was giving the opportunity to choose a couple of items from the Spring products picks and I choose items that would interest each of my kids (the thinker and the mover). I choose the All Around Balance Boards for my daughter (the mover) and the Build-It-Yourself Woodworking kit for my son (the thinker). They were both able to try each activity and they had tons of fun with both! 
The All Around balance board was a hit, the kids thought it was super cool and could not stay off of it. We even thought of a few challenge games to do on the balance board for exercise. I home school my kids and the All Around balance board is an awesome toy for P.E.

The Build-it-Yourself Woodworking kit comes with everything you need to start an awesome wood project; wood glue, pencils, a ruler, nails and even a lightweight hammer. The kit comes with everything you need to get started right away and the instructions were really easy to understand. 

We decided to make the train, coin bank and the pencil holder from the instruction in the kit. I can't believe how sturdy wood glue is and it doesn't take long to dry at all! The kit gives you so many pieces of wood that we chose to get a little creative and make our own creations and paint them. My son (pictured below) is painting his very own race car ramp. We also make a bench for my daughter's dolls to sit and a small box to put stuff in. 

My kids loved the items we received from Lakeshore Learning and it made them forgot about going outside. Because they were able to create toys that they can play with everyday, rain or shine!

If you're a home school parent like myself, you will see that Lakeshore Learning has tons of creative activities to help supplement your lesson plan and make learning much more fun!  

Thank you Lakeshore Learning for giving me and my children a opportunity to try their awesome products!

Lakeshore Learning is located in various states included right here in Chicago. And if you can't find one in your state, you can still shop on Lakeshore Learning's website.

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