Mommy, What's in your Bag? Summer Essentials! #PoiseLinerLove

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Poise® and Acorn Influence. However, all opinions expressed here and anywhere else on this blog are my own.
Summer is not quite here yet, but all the outdoor activities have already started and we (Moms) are always on the go! Not only it important to have your mommy survival kit ready for the kids, but you also need to make sure you have you covered.

As a mom we deal with so many things that we do not have control over, but there are special products that can make your life a lot less stressful. Today, I want to talk a little about a very common case that affects many women, especially moms, that some would be considered "taboo" to talk about. LBL (light bladder leakage) is very common in women after that have children and LBL is rarely discussed in our community. And since it's not discussed, many women don't know that there are products designed specially for LBL. I didn't!

Did you know that LBL affects 1 in 3 women for all kinds of reasons (not just women who gave birth)?

My LBL stems from the birth of my 2 kids and that I have a condition that causes me to cough really hard. LBL affect all women.
One of my summer (and everyday) essentials is Poise liners. Poise liners are designed specifically for LBL, they lock away wetness, stays in place, and moves with your body. Like many other women I went straight to the period pads aisle for protection against LBL, and let me tell those pads are not for LBL. Poise liners are a light option for protection against a totally different kind of wetness. Poise Liners has you covered with discrete levels of absorbencies base on your individual needs. You cannot get LBL protection with period pads. With Poise Liners, you can live worry-free knowing that you are protected wherever you are this summer. 
And to make your life even more easier, and since you love Walmart anyway! You can conveniently purchase Poise Liner at Walmart and even get them in an affordable value size that will put a stop to your daily drugstore visits.

Learn more about LBL and Poise Liner Love on their website
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