Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour Backstage Pass #worldburgertour

Disclosure:  “The information, gift card, gift pack and giveaway have been provided to me by Hard Rock International.”

A few posts back I shared a little information about the World Burger Tour at Hard Rock Cafe, you can read that here. Today I'm offering you a tiny backstage pass or a sneak peek into the World Burger Tour going on at HardRock Cafe until June 30.

The awesome people at Hard Rock Cafe sent me a gift card to test the flavors of the World Burger Tour, just so I can share my experience with you. So my family and I jumped into the car and went on a little road trip (very little trip, downtown Chicago is only 15 minutes away from our home), to see 
what this World Burger Tour was all about.
The World Burger Tour at Hard Rock Cafe will give you a taste of international flavors to celebrate burger season. The Hard Rock chefs at their cafes have the freedom to create a unique Local Legendary Burger that captures the flavors of their city.


When we go to restaurants one of the most essential features of the menu is the appetizer list and sometimes (depending on the day of week) the cocktail menu. We ordered the sampler platter that included a variety of Hard Rock Cafe specialties and classic handheld pre-meal bits. And to top it off the international burger flavors, they've crafted some cocktails you just have to try. My cocktail choice was called ALL JACKED UP :)
(All Jacked Up in cool collectors glass that you can take home)
At our local Hard Rock Cafe the World Burger Tour flavors were:

English Breakfast Burger (London, UK)
Java Lava Burger (Seattle, WA)
Jamaican Jerk Burger ( Montego Bay, Jamaica)
Tandoori Chicken Burger (Mumbai, India)

There were also some yummy flavored french fry options to pair with your burger. I tried the Java Lava Burger (Seattle, WA) a beef patty awakened with an espresso rub (hence Seattle's specialty) and covered with oozing cheddar cheese and jalapeno lava sauce.
This burger was very good, but very spicy (people with spicy appetites will love this burger)!
I enjoyed my burger and ate it peacefully, because my kids were enjoying their food as well. One of the first things I checked for on the Hard Rock Cafe's website was the kids menu. And it was packed with great kid friendly options.

If you're out and about during the warm days of June looking to try something unique, visit Hard Rock Cafe for the World Burger Tour. This burger experience will offer you a small taste of the world between 2 buns!

The World Burger Tour ends June 30th. So don't miss a chance to visit your local Hard Rock Cafe to see what international flavors are on the menu.
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  1. i would order the java lava burger just for the fried green pepper garnish! sounds like it was a great opportunity to try out some tasty burgers. If you're ever in Europe and want to eat some out of this world burgers, check out my friend's restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland, The Bite! http://www.thebite.ch/ #thatfridaybloghop - http://italianbelly.com


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