Where do your eggs come from?

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My kids are really starting to love eggs, from omelets to scrambled eggs and toast, eggs are on the menu just about every other day. And if you're going to be eating eggs everyday, you should know where they came from. While some of us have the opportunity to go to local farms and buy fresh foods, living in the big city (Chicago) doesn't award us this fresh option. 

A Kinder Kind Of Egg

 Nellie’s Certified Humane Free Range Eggs are raised in a Certified Humane, free range environment. 

What does that mean?

Nellie's hens have: 
  • easy access to outside environments with real grass and the freedom to move about
  • they are given antibiotic free feed and fresh water 24/7
  • a comfortable place to live whether its inside or outdoors 
  • full protection from migrating birds that have been exposed to bird related diseases
  • and protection from ground predators such as foxes and coyotes

Nellie's hens are not:

  • locked in a cage with no freedom to roam and be free
  • packed into a small space and expected to produce
  • injected with antibiotics and hormones 

And to top it off "Good Eggs" has wonderful health benefits. Nellie's eggs are protein packed and loaded with 13 essential vitamins and minerals. Knowing all of this about Nellie's Certified Humane Free Range Eggs made me change my thoughts on what I eat and where it comes from. And the eggs taste so darn good!

Being aware of what you feed your family is so worth it for the future. So, whether you like your eggs scrambled, boiled or deviled- knowing where they came makes them taste so much better!

Go here to learn more about Nellie's eggs and to find a store that sells Nellie's eggs near you! 

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